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Sunday, September 25, 2016
Prayer of the Day
May the rainbow God,
the colorful Christ,
and the paradoxical spirit
that is the lightness of all being,
be with you today and always.

A Gospel Reflection

Sept. 25, 2016

Vatican II Course
Vatican II
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Jubilee of Mercy Poster
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Prayer Booklet

Prayer is lifting our minds and hearts to God. Download a FREE daily prayer booklet that fits in your pocket or purse. Let these simple prayers of thanks, praise, and petition become your daily practice.

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is a ready-to-go, easy-to-use way to make the gospels come alive for teens. Click here to see more sample issues from our upcoming 2016-2017 year and then visit our
SPIRIT page to see what else SPIRIT Online has to offer!

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Confirmation Programs

MITS ConfirmationT shirts
Check out our senior high confirmation program, Moving in the Spirit, and our junior high confirmation program, Giver of Life. Click here to learn more.

We also have Gifts of the Spirit t-shirts! The perfect way to make your confirmation or youth group visible during parish events, service projects, retreats, or as a gift. Only $12 per shirt. Order online here.

Looking for confirmation certificates for your class? Download FREE certificates here.

Books & Cards

The Dance of CreationThe Dance of Creation

Readers will embark on their own remarkable journeys of light in the colors, shapes, paths, and simple words of prayer on these pages.

This book has beautiful white spaces that can be used as a journal
to reflect focus, healing, and hope. Or gather a group together to meditate, reflect, and pray.  Click here to view sample pages.
Download a page to help guide your thoughts and reflections.

Only $20 per copy - SHIPPING INCLUDED! Order online.

Memory and Memoir
Memory and Memoir

It all starts with your life senses. Sister Eleanor, author of Memory and Memoir, invites you to begin your life story with the smells, sounds, touches, and colors of your earliest memories.

This book is the perfect summer activity that will set you on the way to understanding where your life journey has taken you and where you see it heading. Follow the reflection and writing suggestions and you will soon have a portion of your life on paper.

55 pp. $9.95. Order online.

Secrets of PrayerSecrets of Prayer

Sister Nancy's experiences of travel, study, and work in all corners of our world taught her that no one has a corner on the divine. This practical, easy-to-read book suggests six ways to look for the holy, starting with prayer, meditation, and contemplation. Ways to pray from other traditions will help you listen to the one-you-see-who-seeks-you. This is a great book to read with others who want to enliven their prayer lives, too. Read the table of contents or an excerpt.

$16.99 per copy. Order online.

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